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If you are in the market to replace your kitchen countertop, either for selling your home or to get a fresh new look, this is the blog your going to want to keep an eye on. We'll cover the common issues homeowners run into during the kitchen renovation process, news in the industry and reviews of upcoming countertop materials (granite, quartz, laminate, concrete, etc), if you have any questions or suggestions for this blog, feel free to contact us!

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Kitchen Countertop Redesign Ideas


If your overlooking the entire value of your home or property and wondering what the best way to increase it before sale is look no further than your kitchen. Not only is it the one place that people spend tons of time, but there are some relatively easy renovations that can be made that mean more money in your pocket and a much more pleasant kitchen. A really good place to get more information is

The king of kitchen renovations, other than a fresh paint job would have to be a countertop replacement. If done properly, this can add an additional 5-10K to the purchase price of your home and make a big difference in the type of buyers than your home attracts. However not all Ottawa countertops are made equal, and there are certain considerations that you should make before you invest in a countertop replacement.

First, if you`re looking to increase the value of your home not any countertop will do, and we highly suggest staying away from cheap solutions like painting over a countertop or covering it with a wood veneer. These don`t convey the high-end feel your potential buyers are looking for and are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to kitchen renovations in Ottawa.

With that said, you`ll probably want a granite, quartz or other high end material for the surface of your countertop. Marble and granite are the most expensive and mean an almost instant return on investment.  These are hard stones that are well known for their durability and resistant to common kitchen liquids like oils, lemon, and acidic wine. Additionally with all the different textures and colours available in the granite and marble you`ll have an easier time finding one that matches the existing interior design of your kitchen ( is a good place to start

Many homeowners may be considering laminate as a choice for their kitchen redesign. While not going to cause your price to raise incredibly, this is an excellent budget choice if you are re-designing a rental property and looking for an expendable and quick solution.

The choices are varied, but what should be at the top of each kitchen renovators mind when changing their countertop is mainly the durability of the material you've chosen as it relates to common kitchen activities such as cooking, entertaining and the type of wear and tear you'll be putting it through. If you need a more detailed run through, we recommend checking out kitchen countertops ottawa



Kitchen Countertop Ideas


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