Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are seen as one of the highest end choices you can make when looking for a replacement during kitchen countertop. They are well appreciated for their resilience and durability over time, the beauty of the natural stone they embody, as well as the increase in monetary value they can bring to your home. On the other hand, the price does reflect these factors and as such many people are hesitant to have them installed. Here are the reasons you should consider installing them if you are in the market for countertop replacement.  Ottawa granite is always a good choice

ottawa granite

First, if you are making essential property renovations prior to selling your home you are probably considering things such as residential house painting, landscaping, and other basic aesthetic operations. While granite countertops may not come to mind as an easy renovation, you may want to think again. Installing granite, despite its price tag offers some of the easiest returns on investment in the industry. The presence of such a high quality natural stone immediately puts your property into a higher price market and forces any hagglers out. This also immediately serves as justification for the somewhat large upfront investment.  

Secondly, there are two types of granite you should be aware of before you make the leap and invest in it as  a new countertop. Granite tile and solid granite are your choices. Tile is basically cut up squares that are placed individually, while solid granite is a big slab that has been cut to fit your specific layout. An entire slab is more expensive, however you should still consider tile as it does fare better than the budget conscious options such as laminate.

Whatever you decide to go with, it`s important you know that granite as a material for countertops is well respected for its ability to stand up to abuse, and this is a piece of information that should be passed on to you by the salesperson. Ottawa granite`s inability of it to crack easily, or become tarnished when liquids like wine or lemon juice spill should be very good reasons for you to consider the investment for your next kitchen renovation.

Of course there are an endless varieties of granite from ivory, to solid black, and everything in-between so be sure to find something your comfortable with and that matches the interior design of your kitchen