Laminate Countertops


Laminate countertops often have the reputation as being cheap and the lowest grade of material you can find. This is definitely a bit of characterization as there is definitely a certain market and situation when laminate and other synthetic surfaces are best used.  At its heart laminate is basically a plastic/synthetic mix and as such offers a large price difference between when compared to natural stone options such as granite and quartz. While the aforementioned natural stones countertop can be harder to install by professionals due to the difficulty in cutting them out to fit your specific layout, laminate on the other hand is much easier. In fact, many people who are DIY-inspired find they can install laminate countertops themselves and this is a reason they go with laminate.

laminate countertops

On the other hand, throughout the years, the image of laminate has definitely improved. Recently, as the variety of types of laminates and the colours and textures increase, so does the price and willingness of some homeowners to try it out as a countertop material.  If you need a budget solution or a new kitchen renovation for a rental property or saving money on an initial house purchase we can highly recommend a high end laminate as a solution. 

It’s important to realize the potential downsides of laminate as countertop material as well for your kitchen. Since the base of it is particle board – tiny wood particles held together with a solid resin – and the outer shell is plastic, you’ll find it can warp over time with sustained heat (from a dishwasher for example). This is something you might want to consider.

With all that said, there are obviously many factors you should consider when deciding what type of kitchen countertop you are going to invest in. Whatever you decide be sure to check out Ottawa kitchen countertops. Be sure to do your research and you'll likely come out with a good outcome!